IASBABA 2024 Test Series PDF [PRELIMS] Now Available

Many candidates are demanding test series for Prelims Exam 2024 and to make your journey easier, today we want to announce this with you, now you can get IASBABA 2024 Prelims Test Series absolutely free through our platform. You can download it. This invaluable resource will act as a guide in your UPSC journey.

This test series is designed to elevate your preparation to the next level and serve as your reliable companion for the UPSC Civil Services Preliminary and mains Exam in 2024.

ILP (Prelims) 2024 TEST [HINDI+ENG]

ILP 2024 is the Most Comprehensive and Affordable ONLINE Programme for UPSC aspirants which caters to all the stages of the exam (Prelims, Mains & Interview).

Test 14

Test 13

Test 12

Test 11

Test 10

Test 9

Test 8 S

Test 8 Q

Test 7 S

Test 7 Q

Test 6 S

Test 6 Q


Test 5 S

Test 5 S

Test 5 Q

Test 4 S

Test 4 Q

Test 3 S

Test 3 Q




Test 2 S

Test 2 Q

Test 1 S

Test 1 Q

ILP (Mains) 2024 TEST


Test 2 S

Test 2 Q

Test 1 S

Test 1 Q

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