Rau’s IAS Test Series 2024 PDF [Prelims+Mains]

Test series has a very important role in UPSC preparation, which is organized by various institutions for students to test themselves, similarly today we are going to share with you Rau’s IAS Test Series 2024 PDF for prelims and mains. these test has been prepared by skilled teachers of rau’s ias study circle, you can download it for free.

In 1953, Dr. S. Rau created a study circle as an independent body to provide excellence to the candidates in the Indian Administrative Service Examination, considered the most difficult competitive examination in the country. Which will be known as the Civil Services Examination. Year after year, students preparing for UPSC joined it. Many students also got success. With a passion for excellence, this study circle is a successful coaching institute.

Rau’s IAS Test Series is an important program run by the faculty, Prelims Test Series helps thousands of students to crack the UPSC Prelims Exam. Through this program, UPSC candidates can improve their Prelims scores.

Prelims Test Series 2024

Test 36-45

Test 35

Test 34

Test 33

Test 32

Test 31

Test 30

Test 29

Test 28

Test 27

Test 26

Test 25

Test 24

Test 23

Test 22

Test 21

Test 20

Test 19

Test 18

Test 17

Test 16

Test 15

Test 14

Test 13

Test 12

Test 11

Test 10

Test 9

Test 8

Test 7

Test 6

Test 5

Test 4

Test 3

Test 2

Test 1


Mains Test Series 2023

Prelims Test Series 2023

Rau’s IAS, test series for prelims 2024 has been specifically designed to provide the best strategy to clear UPSC IAS Prelims Exam through a step-up approach. It is also a meticulously designed IAS Study Plan to organize your preparation and keep you on track towards covering the Prelims GS and CSAT syllabus extensively from NCERT to ADVANCE level.

Comprehensive PTS2024 has been designed to help students prepare through a step-up approach. All tests can be taken ONLINE/ SIT-DOWN from Rau’s IAS Campuses at any time in accordance with an individual’s preparation. The candidate may appear for tests at any time after the tests are released (refer to the schedule).

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  1. In RAU’S IAS Test Series… There is no Indian Polity Tests 1 & 2… But 3&4 are available number in Test 9 & 10…

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