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Yojana Magazine is one of the prime resources for aspirants preparing for the UPSC Civil Services Exam. It (Hindi: योजना पत्रिका) is published by the Division of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, in different languages like Urdu, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada, Oriya, as well as in Hindi and English.

Yojana Magazine helps candidates prepare for essay writing and general studies papers in the UPSC exam by providing analysis and perspectives on various topics from diverse backgrounds.

Because it is an important source of reliable information, it proves to be very helpful for civil service candidates during prelims, mains, and interviews.

Yojana Monthly Magazines PDF For IAS, IPS, UPSC Exam

English Magazine

Yojana March 2024

Yojana February 2024

Yojana January 2024

Yojana December 2023

Yojana November 2023

Yojana October 2023

Yojana October 2023

Yojana September 2023

Yojana August 2023

Yojana July 2023

Yojana June 2023

Yojana May 2023

Yojana April 2023

Yojana March 2023

Yojana February 2023

Yojana January 2023

Yojana December 2022

Yojana November 2022

Yojana October 2022

Yojana September 2022

Yojana August 2022

Yojana July 2022

Yojana June 2022

Yojana May 2022

Yojana April 2022

Yojana March 2022

Yojana February 2022

Yojana January 2022

Hindi Magazine

योजना मार्च 2024

योजना दिसम्बर 2023

योजना नवंबर 2023

योजना अक्टूबर 2023

योजना सितम्बर 2023

योजना अगस्त 2023

योजना जुलाई 2023

योजना जुलाई 2023

योजना जून 2023

योजना मई 2023

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योजना अप्रैल 2023

योजना मार्च 2023

योजना फरवरी 2023

योजना जनवरी 2022

योजना दिसम्बर 2022

योजना नवंबर 2022

योजना अक्टूबर 2022

योजना सितम्बर 2022

योजना अगस्त 2022

योजना जुलाई 2022

योजना जून 2022

योजना मई 2022

योजना अप्रैल 2022

योजना मार्च 2022

योजना फरवरी 2022

योजना जनवरी 2022

How Yojana is Important for UPSC Preparation

As you know, Yojana is the best magazine to know the issues of the government, many people also suggest this magazine for IAS preparation. Because of this, a detailed analysis of social and economic issues is seen in newspapers.

  • With the help of this, candidates can understand the information about various policies and schemes from the point of view of the government.
  • It includes balanced and in-depth views on a single subject matter by different experts.
  • Provides an unbiased point of view here.
  • Read this magazine is advised by most of the UPSC toppers.
  • It covers various important topics like international relations, budget, administration, and some important topics like federalism.
  • Planning is important from the point of view of UPSC Mains and Interview preparation and it is important only for Mains and Interview preparation. Mostly the scheme is helpful for General Studies Paper 2 and Paper 3 as well as Essay papers moreover

Yojana Magazine has simple and clear language, which can help you develop your vocabulary while reading the articles. It provides the government’s perspective, which is important for answering comprehensively in the UPSC exam, as newspapers usually provide critiques of policies.

Moreover, Yojana is an important source of government information, which increases the chances of direct questions being asked in the exam. The syllabus of UPSC is vast, and there are certain topics for which no book or material is available. However, with Yojana’s help, you can cover important parts of the syllabus related to women, education, health, etc.

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