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Chapter Covered

1. INITIAL YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE 1.1. Legacy of the British colonial rule 1.2. Legacy of the Indian National Movement 1.3. Concerns after Independence 1.4. Integration of Princely States 1.4.1. The Paramountcy 1.4.2. The options are available to the States 1.4.3. The approach of Sardar Patel 1.4.4. The integration and aftermath Junagadh Hyderabad Kashmir 2. RE-ORGANIZATION OF STATES 2.1. Political Reorganization of States 2.2. Linguistic State formation 3. RISE IN REGIONAL ASPIRATIONS 3.1. Punjab 3.2. North East India 3.3. Telangana 3.4. Gorkhaland 3.5. Kashmir 4. JAWAHARLAL NEHRU ERA 4.1. Community development programmes 4.2. Panchayati Raj 4.3. Planning Commission 4.4. Tribal Panchsheel 4.5. Hindu Code bill 4.6. Formulation of an independent Foreign Policy 5. PERIOD OF TURMOIL – 1962 & 1965 WAR 5.1. Indo-China war-1962 5.2. Lal Bahadur Shastri era 5.2.1. Policies 5.2.2. Indo-Pak war-1965 6. IMPORTANT POLITICAL DEVELOPMENTS AFTER THE WAR 6.1. Indira Gandhi era 6.2. Indo-Pak war-1971 6.3. Emergency 7. POLITICS AFTER EMERGENCY 7.1. Rajiv Gandhi years 7.2. V.P. Singh government 7.3. P.V. Narasimha Rao years 7.4. United Front government 7.5. Atal Bihari Vajpayee era 7.5.1. Kargil war 8. INDIAN ECONOMY SINCE INDEPENDENCE 8.1. Indian Economy (1947-1991) 8.2. Indian Economy 1991 onwards 9. AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENTS 9.1. Land reforms since Independence 9.2. Agrarian struggles in India since Independence 9.3. Green Revolution

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