PMF IAS Environment PDF [2nd Edition]

Download Free Upsc Civil services PMF IAS Environment PDF [2nd Edition] PDF For Upsc Prelims and Mains Paper (Updated Book).

Environmental science is an academic field that takes physical, biological, and chemical science to study the environment and find solutions to problems in detail. Or the study of how living and non-living interact with their surroundings.

UPSC has started asking a lot of environment-related questions in the prelims and mains exams in the last few years so you need to focus more on this topic and also need to practice more and more previous year questions.

PMF IAS environment section holds a lot of importance in UPSC exam. The section related to Environment is clearly mentioned in Paper 3 of the UPSC Mains Syllabus. This book is designed according to the UPSC syllabus and comprehensively covers all the demands of UPSC Mains Exam.

To get the best results, students should read the important topics from this book as well as practice test series to get a proper result for the upcoming main exam.

Study Guide

  • Analyze the past 5-6 years’ UPSC CSE Prelims and Mains question papers to understand the pattern and nature of questions from Environment.
  • First Reading: Cover only the first few paragraphs (mostly the introduction part) of each topic to get a broader understanding of the scheme of things.
  • Reanalyse the past 5-6 years’ UPSC CSE Prelims and Mains question papers.
  • Second Reading: Cover the entire book thoroughly.
  • Take a good test series for Prelims and Mains to identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Revise, rerevise, practise test series, and chart your plan based on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Environment questions in prelims and mains are predominately based on contemporary issues and current affairs.Hence it would be best to cover the PMF IAS current affairs thoroughly.

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