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The Puri Sharma Pathania Principles of Physical Chemistry book PDF is now available for free here. This book covers the entire UGC syllabus and is suitable for college and university students. It is highly recommended for exams such as UPSC, JAM, NET, and GATE. The book is organized in a simple and topic-wise manner to ensure easy comprehension for students. The numerical section is particularly valuable for understanding related concepts.

What is Physical Chemistry

NamePrinciples of Physical Chemistry
AuthorMadan S Pathania, Br Puri, Lr Sharma
Total Pages1400
PublisherVishal Publishing
Puri Sharma Pathania Physical Chemistry PDF Free Download


  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Chemical bonding molecular quantum mechanics
  • Group theory
  • molecular spectroscopy gaseous state
  • The liquid state: physical properties of liquids
  • The gaseous state part 2: real gases
  • liquid crystals; The mesomorphic States
  • The third law of thermodynamics
  • Phase equilibria
  • Chemical equilibria
  • The Nernst distribution law
  • Electrochemistry part 3: electrified inferences
  • Electrochemistry part 2: the electromotive force of Galvanic cells
  • Photochemistry
  • Catalysis
  • Surface chemistry
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Macromolecules
  • Irreversible thermodynamics

Physical chemistry is the study of macroscopic and particulate phenomena in chemical systems, encompassing principles and concepts such as force, time, energy, thermodynamics, quantum chemistry, analytical dynamics, and statistical mechanics. It differs from chemical physics in that it mainly focuses on macroscopic or super-molecular science, with many of its foundational principles relating to bulk properties rather than solely molecular or atomic structure. Examples include chemical equilibria and colloids.

This subject is traditionally divided into three parts: structure, equilibrium, and change, and it is usually studied in this order.

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The Puri Sharma Pathania Physical Chemistry book, in its new edition, provides a simplified explanation of this broad topic to meet the needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students of Chemistry in Indian Universities. The new version includes additional chapters, and examples with questions have been included to enhance students’ understanding.

Statistical thermodynamics is dominated by the partition function, while quantum mechanics places paramount importance on the wavefunction. The chapter on statistical thermodynamics focuses on the partition function derived from quantum mechanics. A new chapter on classical statistical mechanics builds upon the concepts of phase space and Gibbsian ensembles, re-deriving results already known from conventional thermodynamics.

This edition features two new chapters: Quantum mechanics is covered in three chapters instead of the previous two, and statistical thermodynamics spans two chapters. To maintain continuity and provide clarity, some material has been rearranged within the chapters. Structure plays a significant role in science, including chemistry. Quantum mechanics and spectroscopy are essential tools for understanding structure. The hydrogen atom is comprehensively treated with a detailed solution of the Schrödinger equation, giving emphasis to the radial equation and spherical harmonics. The methods for approximately treating wave mechanics in many-electron atoms have been updated. Perturbation theory, both non-degenerate and degenerate, is adequately explained and applied to the first excited state of the hydrogen atom. Various modern topics that were previously included as appendices or additional information have been appropriately integrated into the main text. The treatment of angular momentum and atomic spectra is comprehensive, focusing on essential details. Multiple solved examples have been added.

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