The Answer Writing Manual Book By Srushti Deshmukh IAS (UPSC CSE Topper 2018)

The Answer Writing Manual pdf is a complete guidebook for the students preparing for UPSC. This book is prepared by upsc civil service topper IAS Srushti Jayant Deshmukh for those students who have cleared the preliminary exam and are preparing for mains exam.

The book explains all the things that a student should know at the time of the main examination. the book gives clear information about many ways to deal with answer writing.

It is said that answer writing is an art in itself. Any student who has mastered this art can express any subject well. And the good news is that this art in any form can be learned with time. All you need is just desire and effort and regular practice along with some guidance.

NameThe Answer Writing Manual for UPSC Civil Services & State PSC Examination
AuthorSrushti Deshmukh IAS
Total Pages300
Publishing Date21 June 2022
Upsc Website

Tips for Mains Answer Writing

Whenever you take the mains exam, write your answer completely because it is very important to adopt a very careful approach to writing the answer, whenever you write an answer, you should see it from 360 degrees.

When you make a claim in your answers, you must substantiate it, as it gives validity to your answers. If you do not mention the answer, the examiner will see your answer as read. UPSC asks you to prove in some questions, so you have to explain them by giving examples, you confirm the question by giving real-life examples.

We have seen that there is doubt in the minds of many students about whether to write the answer pointwise or in paragraphs. So there is no separate rule set by UPSC for this which you should give importance to. It depends on what you are comfortable with, if you think that it may be better to write point-wise then do so.

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Whenever you write an answer, always use error-free and simple language. And try to write the answer clearly and concisely. You have to avoid using word traps and flowery language as it can lead to ambiguity in your answer which can lead to deducting your marks.

Write your answer in neat handwriting. Try to explain the answer by making tables, figures and diagrams together this will further enhance the quality of your answers.

Follow the word count specified by UPSC.

You must have heard from many toppers that they have done a lot of answer writing practice for mains and this is also an important tip as one must practice writing lots of answers in all the subjects while preparing for the mains exam.

Chapter Name

  • UPSC CSE Exam Pattern
  • Importance Of Answer Writing
  • Prerequisites Of Answer Writing
  • General Strategy For Mains Examination
  • Strategy For General Studies Paper I
  • Strategy For General Studies Paper II
  • Strategy For General Studies Paper III
  • Strategy For General Studies Paper IV
  • Question Directives
  • Decoding The Question
  • Decoding The Answer
  • Salt Of Answer Writing
  • Q & A Analysis
  • Essay Writing
  • Choosing The Optional Paper
  • Compulsory Language Papers
  • Mains 2021 Questions Analysis
  • Annexures
    • Doubts About Answer Writing
    • Booklist And Resources For CSE
    • Quotations For Essay
    • Pre And Post Covid Data From
    • Economic Survey
    • Sample Essay
    • Sample Answers

Srushti Deshmukh IAS (Author)

Srushti is an IAS topper of the UPSC Civil Services Exam 2018 batch who got All India Rank 5 in UPSC 2018. She is a resident of Kasturba Nagar (Madhya Pradesh) Bhopal. Cracked the Civil Services Exam on his very first attempt. she did his schooling and chemical engineering from Bhopal Madhya Pradesh. she cracked the tough UPSC exam on the very first attempt.

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This is a very good book for answer writing for the UPSC Mains exam which is very easy to understand so all the candidates must read it once.

This book is very useful for beginners, it gives us a brief explanation of answer writing.

In the Answer Writing Manual book, you will enrich your answer writing ability along with different types of flow charts, tables, points, and personal notes. In this, all those things have been clarified by Madam, which she herself has followed at the time of answer writing.

I think the book will facilitate candidates in understanding the right attitude toward answer writing. A comprehensive reading will enable candidates to develop their own blueprint for answer writing and write each question to the best of their knowledge. Akshat Jain, IAS 2019 Batch (Rank 2 UPSC CSE 2018)

This book is an invaluable resource that takes the reader step by step to understand the imperatives of answer writing for the civil services examination. Full of examples, sample questions, and visual presentation, it gives very clear, concise, and useful guidance. Pradeep Singh Malik, IAS 2020 Batch (Rank 1 UPSC CSE 2019)

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