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Hi, Students today we are going to share with you all (Tamil Nadu Agricultural University) TNAU Notes 2021 PDF free which is free for all students who are studying in college / university these notes are also helpful for UPSC CSE exam if your subject is agriculture optional.

you all can download complete books pdf from the given link below. these notes cover latest TNAU syllabus 2021.

2016 Syllabus

S.NoDegreeSemesterPDF Download
1B.Sc (Hons.) Agriculture
B. S. (Agribusiness Management)
VIIIClick Here
2B.Sc (Hons.) AgricultureVIIIClick Here
3B.Sc (Hons.) Agriculture
B. Sc. (Sericulture) 
B. Tech. (Biotechnology)
B. Tech.  (Bioinformatics)
B. Tech. (AIT)
VIIIClick Here
4B.Sc (Hons.) Agriculture
B. Sc. (Forestry)
B. Sc. (FN&D)
B. Sc. (Sericulture)
B. Tech. (Biotechnology)
B. Tech.  (Bioinformatics)
B. S. (Agribusiness Management)
B. Tech. (AIT)
VIIIClick Here
5B.Sc (Hons.) Agriculture
B. S. (Agribusiness Management)
VIII Click Here
6B.Sc (Hons.) AgricultureVIIIClick Here
7B.Sc (Hons.) AgricultureVIIIClick Here
8B.Sc (Hons.) AgricultureVIIIClick Here
9B.Sc (Hons.) AgricultureVIIIClick Here
10B.Sc (Hons.) AgricultureVIIIClick Here
11B.Sc (Hons.) AgricultureVIIIClick Here
12B.Sc (Hons.) AgricultureVIIIClick Here
13B.Sc (Hons.) AgricultureVIIIClick Here
14B.Sc (Hons.) AgricultureVIIIClick Here
15B.Sc (Hons.) AgricultureVIIIClick Here
16B.Sc (Hons.) HorticultureVIIIClick Here
17B.Sc (Hons.) HorticultureVIIIClick Here
18B. Sc. (Forestry)VIIIClick Here
19B. Sc. (Forestry)VIIIClick Here
20B. Sc. (Forestry)VIIIClick Here
21B. Sc. (Forestry)B. Sc. (Sericulture)VIIIClick Here
22B. Sc. (Sericulture)VIIIClick Here
23B. Sc. (Sericulture)VIIIClick Here
24B. Sc. (Sericulture)VIIIClick Here
25B. Tech. (Biotechnology)VIIIClick Here
26B. Tech. (Biotechnology)VIIIClick Here
27B. Tech. (Biotechnology)
B. Tech.  (Bioinformatics)
VIIIClick Here
28B. S. (Agribusiness Management)VIIIClick Here
29B. Tech.  (Agricultural Information Technology)VIIIClick Here
30B. Tech.  (Agricultural Information Technology)Click Here
31B. Tech.  (Agricultural Information Technology)Click Here
32B. Tech.  (Agricultural Information Technology)Click Here

2017 Syllabus

S.NoDegreeCourse NameSemester PDF Download
1B.Sc (Hons.) AgricultureDesigner Fertilizer Production VIClick Here
2B.Sc (Hons.) Agriculture
B. S. (Agribusiness Management)
Soilless Crop Production VIClick Here
3B.Sc (Hons.) Agriculture
B. S. (Agribusiness Management)
Crop and Pesticide Chemistry VIClick Here
4B.Sc (Hons.)  ForestryForest Extension and Community Forestry VIClick Here
5B.Sc (Hons.) AgricultureDiseases of Field and Horticultural Crops I VClick Here
6B.Tech (Biotechnology)Biodiversity and its Conservation VClick Here
7B.Sc (Hons.) SericultureExtension methodologies and transfer of Agricultural Technology VClick Here
8B.Sc (Hons.) SericultureFundamentals of Extension and Rural Development IVClick Here
9B.Sc (Hons.) AgricultureEnvironmental Studies & Disaster Management IIIClick Here
10B.Tech (Biotechnology)Plant Physiology IIClick Here
11B.Sc (Hons.) AgriculturePrinciples of Plant Physiology IIClick Here


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