Arihant 151 Essays for UPSC Mains By SC Gupta

Hello, through this article today I am going to share with you Arihant publication Book of 151 Essays for UPSC Mains PDF written by SC Gupta which is a very beneficial book from the point of view of UPSC exam who are going to give their mains exam this year.

The book is mainly divided into two parts, in the first part the candidate needs to know how to write the essay, understand the essay and which words are used to write any essay effectively. The second part of the same book is an integration of the latest topics that can be frequently asked in UPSC exams.

The best thing about this book is that it covers all the important topics whether it is related to economy or politics.

Book151 Essays
AuthorSC Gupta
Size70 MB
Total Pages91
  • Understanding : An Essay
  • Parts of an Essay
  • Steps to Write an Effective Essay
  • Sample Essay with Sketching


  • GST: How will it Work in India?
  • Digital India: Objectives and Challenges
  • Net Neutrality : A Public Demand
  • Social Empowerment Programmes in India
  • Can Sanitation Programmes Make India Clean and Clear?
  • Dream of Smart Cities : Myth or Reality in India
  • Child Labour in India : An Unavoidable Dilemma
  • Organic Farming: Is it Really Feasible for All?
  • Reservation Policy in India : Does it Need Review?
  • Is Capital Punishment Justified?
  • ( Make In India : Big Boost to Industry and Employment
  • Cyber Crime: How to Tackle it?
  • India’s Claim to Security Council of United Nations
  • United Nations and World Peace
  • Euthanasia : Should it be Legalised?
  • Freedom of Expression vs Nationalism
  • Black Money : Grave Menace for the Nation
  • Direct Benefit Transfer : Step towards Good Governance
  • Virtual Learning : Can it Replace Teachers?
  • Human Cloning: A Moral Dilemma
  • e-Waste : Digital Dark Side
  • Police Reforms in India : Must Needed Reform
  • Necessity of Uniform Civil Code
  • Teenage Suicide : Today’s Grave Problem in Society
  • Metro Rail : Mass Rapid Transport
  • Judicial Activism in India
  • Medical Tourism: A New Trend in Tourism
  • Drone Technology : Is it a Substitute for Manned Aircrafts ?
  • Relevance of Gandhian Principles in Today’s Time
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Digital India (Essay)

the vision of Digital India is to transform the country into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. It would ensure that government services are available to citizens electronically. This programme was launched on 2nd July, 2015 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The initiative includes plans to connect rural areas with high-speed internet networks and improving digital literacy.

This programme will be implemented in phases till 2018. This programme has been envisaged by Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEITY) IC with the active participation of Ministry of Communications and IT, Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Human Resource Development and Ministry of le Health.

Right from the day of its launch, the programme has managed to garner praises from across the different sectors and is considered to play an important role in the transformation of India’s digital infrastructure. It will act as a catalyst for the investment in the information technology sector and thus, generate employment.

Digital India programmes is centered on three key vision areas viz, infrastructure as utility to every citizen, Governance and services on demand and digital empowerment of citizens.

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