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of Hi, welcome if you are preparing for upsc civil service examination and you want to choose optional subject, so Anthropology is a good option for the IAS exam. But a lot depends on your focus and understanding you need to establish for the concepts, today i am going to share with you all Anthropology Demystified Book PDF and publisher and writer of this book is upsc topper AIR-2 2018 Akshat Jain you all can buy this book online anthro book online.

WriterAkshat Jain
PublisherJICE Publications Pvt Ltd (2020
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  • Tribal India (Two Books) By Nadeem Hasnain Paper II
  • Unique Simplified by Vivek Bhasme Paper I
  • P Nath For Paper I
  • The Tribal Culture of India – LP Vidyarthi Paper II
  • Carol R. Ember,Melvin R. Ember, Peter N. Peregrine Paper I

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