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Hello friends, today I am going to share with you Alkaline Food List PDF to all of you which you can download from the link given below.

Alkaline food also known as acidic alkaline diet or alkaline ash diet. Well we all know that the pH value of your body can change due to the diet you eat, like if an acidic diet goes into your body then the pH value of your body is the lowest and if an alkaline diet goes into your body. If it is, then the pH inside your body becomes more than 7 Converting food into energy is considered one of the most difficult processes in your body because it involves a complex chemical process that breaks down your food into fine pieces.

The way in which a thing moves, it leaves behind its ashes, in the same way, when you eat food and its digestion is started by the body, then in the end that food is stored in the form of energy and The remaining residue is left behind in the form of ash which is called as metabolic waste.

This metabolic waste can be acidic, alkaline or alkaline. It is believed that metabolic waste affects the acidity of your body, so in other words, if you eat a food that is acidic, the ash produced from it will be Makes your blood acidic and if you take alkaline food then your body’s pH value of your blood becomes alkaline

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According to the Acid Ace hypothesis, it is believed that if acidic ash is formed in your body then it is considered a symptom of disease and if alkaline ash is formed in your body then your body is considered safe.

By eating alkaline food, you can make your body more alkaline so that your health will always be healthy.

Food that leaves acidic ash contains the following components

  • protein
  • Phosphate
  • SulphurIs

Foods that leave alkaline ash contain the following components.

  • calcium
  • magnesium
  • potassium

It means that if you alkalize the ash of your body in some way, then you can avoid acidity, that’s why you should eat alkaline food to do this, the list of which you will get by clicking on the link given below.

Complete List

Vegetables Summer squashGrains, CerealsDiary & Meat
ArtichokesSweet Potatoes& BreadsNone
Asparagus (tips)Swiss chardAmaranthCondiments &
Bamboo ShootsTomatoesBuckwheatSpices
BroccoliTurnipsKamut(Unfermented Soy)
BeetrootsWatercressMilletAlmond Butter
Bell PeppersWheatgrassQuinoaBee Pollen
Brussels SproutsWild GreensSpeltBragg Aminos
CabbagesZucchiniSprouted BreadsChili Pepper
CarrotsFruitsSprouted TortillasCinnamon
CauliflowersAvocadosYeast-FreeCurry Powders
ChardLemonsSweets &Guacamole (fresh
ChicoryTomatoesNoneHerbs (all)
ChivesOils & FatsBeans &Houmous
Collard GreensAvocado OilLegumesLemon Juice
CucumbersCoconut OilAll moderatelyLime Juice
DandelionsFlax OilacidicSea Salt
DillsHemp Seed OilNuts & SeedsOriental
DulceOlive OilAlmond ButterVegetables
EggplantSaffower OilAlmondsDaikon
EndivesSesame OilCarraway SeedsDandelion Root
GarlicGrasses &Cumin SeedsKombu
Green BeansSproutsFennel SeedsMaitake
Green OlivesAlfalfaHemp SeedsNori
Green PeasAlfalfa SproutsPumpkin SeedsReishi
Greens (leafy)Amaranth SproutsSesame SeedsSea Vegetables
HorseradishesBarley GrassSunflower SeedsShitake
JerusalemBroccoli SproutsDrinksUmeboshi
ArtichokesDog GrassAlkaline WaterWakame
KaleFenugreekBarley Grass
LeeksKamut GrassCoconut Water
LettucesKamut SproutsFresh Lemon &
Mustard GreensLemon GrassLime Water
OkraMillet SproutsFresh Veg Juices
OnionsMung BeanGreen Drinks
Oyster plantsSproutsGreen Tea
ParsleyOat GrassHerbal Tea
ParsnipsQuinoa SproutsWheat Grass
Peas (fresh)Shave GrassJuice
PeppersSpelt SproutsUdo’s Choice
RadishesWheat GrassBeyond Greens
Sea Veggies
Sprouts (all)

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