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Latest Anthropology Simplified by Vivek Bhasme PDF Book Download 6th Edition for UPSC Examination

Dear students, I am sharing here another Anthropology pdf, in the previous post I have already shared with you Anthropology Demystified which is written by IAS Akshat Jain, in this post you all can get Anthropology Simplified by Vivek Bhasme for Upsc mains this is the latest edition of Anthropology Simplified and also very popular book for UPSC civil service examination.

I hope you really like this book if you find this book really helpful please share the link to this book with your friends if they are preparing for the UPSC examination thanks.

As an aspirant, Dr. Bhasme had put a lot of hard work into evolving their understanding of this subject, which was fructified in his selection for IAS in 2016 by securing a good score in Anthropology. However, this result did not end Dr. Bhasme’s association with his optional, Anthropology. A keen interest in the subject kept him interacting with new aspirants and guiding them. It is this interaction with students which made Dr. Bhasme write and produce this collection of model questions and answers.

Each answer in this collection seems to be prepared by putting in a meticulous effort and care has been taken that each answer is precise, pointed & well presented. While writing answers different tools such as graphics, charts, and tabular formats are used in an appropriate way. Besides, while developing answers, the contribution of thinkers, scholars, and researchers is well-taken note, illustrations are cited in relevant places and various dimensions of the subject are dealt with properly. All this has helped in enriching the quality of answers. He has taken every care to make this subject as vivid and graphical as possible through effective & creative techniques of presentation.

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Salient Features of the Book

  • Covers the entire syllabus of Paper and 2 of Anthropology
  • in Question-Answer format
  • Provides ready-to-write ideal answers
  • Covers each and every topic and sub-topic of the syllabus
  • Covers the last 10 years questions with model answers
  • Tips for anthropology preparation and writing good answers
  • Diagrams, flowcharts, and maps enrich the answers
  • Comparative charts
  • UPSC style practice tests for self-evaluation: 10 tests
  • (6 section-wise and 4 comprehensive)

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