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Book NameThe Charismatic Charlie Wade
AuthorLord Leaf
Size2 MB
Total Pages281

The story revolves around the life of a character, Charlie, who grows up in poverty since childhood and is victimized by his own family.

After his grandfather’s death, Charlie’s life takes a dramatic turn when he inherits a vast fortune and becomes the head of the Wade family.

With his newfound wealth and power, Charlie wants to atone for his past mistakes by giving some of his wealth to help the needy and poor. When he leaves for this job, he meets a woman named Claire on the way, whom he later marries.

After this, they both embark on this mission together to change the lives of everyone around them. In this journey, he has to face many bad things, many people also oppose his mission of Charlie, because they want to see Charlie fail.

This novel has become a very popular novel all over the world, mainly in China. After this, it was translated into many languages including English. This story is very attractive in that the characters played their role very well.

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