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Hello friends, welcome to our new post and today, I will share with you all Mitra IAS Philosophy Optional Notes pdf If you pass the UPSC Prelims Exam then you should prepare for Mains Exam, we are going to share his Upsc pdf Here, so you can get it easily with the help of the download given below.

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Mitra IAS Philosophy Optional Complete Class Notes

Philosophy is an optional that is gaining popularity among UPSC aspirants. It has the reputation of having the shortest syllabus out of all the optional subjects offered by the UPSC. Also, candidates from literally any background can opt for it and fare well provided the right effort is put in.

Socio-Political Philosophy Class Notes

01-Socio-Political Philosophy Notes – Part 1 – Humanism To Sovereignty

02-Socio-Political Philosophy Notes – Part 2 – Sovereignty To Caste Discrimination

Western Philosophy Class Notes

01-Western Philosophy Notes – Part 1 – Plato To Logical Atomism

02-Western Philosophy Notes – Part 2 – Logical Atomism To Sartre

Philosophy Of Religion Class Notes

01-Philosophy Of Religion Notes

Indian Philosophy Class Notes

01-Foundation Classes + Jainism – Class Notes

02-Buddhism + Samkhya – Class Notes

03-Yoga – Class Notes

04-Nyaya-Vaisesika – Class Notes

05-Carvaka – Class Notes

06-Mimamsa + Vedanta + Sri Aurobindo – Class Notes


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