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AuthorsRichard Bronson, Gabriel B. Costa (Ph.D)
Total Pages 404
Size14 MB

Differential equations are among the linchpins of modern mathematics which, along with matrices, are essential for analyzing and solving complex problems in engineering, the natural sciences, economics, and even business. The emergence of low-cost, high-speed computers has spawned new techniques for solving differential equations, which allows problem solvers to model and solve complex problems based on systems of differential equations.

This edition also features a chapter on difference equations and parallels this with differential equations. Furthermore, we give the reader an introduction to partial differential equations and the solution techniques of basic integration and separation of variables. Finally, we include an appendix dealing with technology touching upon the TI-89 hand-held calculator and the MATHEMATICA software packages.

As with the two previous editions, this book outlines both the classical theory of differential equations and a myriad of solution techniques, including matrices, series methods, Laplace transforms, and several numerical methods. We have added a chapter on modeling and touched upon some qualitative methods that can be used when analytical solutions are difficult to obtain. A chapter on classical differential equations (e.g., the equations of Hermite, Legendre, etc.) has been added to give the reader exposure to this rich, historical area of mathematics.

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