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Download The Defiant Mate Free PDF Novel Book by Jennifer Francis, is a shifter romance novel. This book tells the story of a human woman and a werewolf. Their love faces many challenges and risks, yet despite it all, they are attracted to each other. The novel is full of supernatural themes, like love and adventure, making it a delight for readers who love the shifter romance genre. If you are a fan of paranormal romance, you should definitely read this book.

Book NameThe Defiant Mate
AuthorJennifer Francis
Size2.0 MB
Total Pages335

Short Summary of The Defiant Mate

The story begins with a woman named Jay-la, who is brought to the Pack House where she is met with disapproving looks because of her past actions. The woman is presented before the eyes of the Alpha, Jackson, a man who hates her because of her past mistakes. Jackson orders the woman to look at him, but Jay-la cannot see the hate in his eyes. But she is intrigued by Alpha Blaine, who enters the room and is slightly taken aback by Jay-la’s presence.

Jay-la falls to her knees, and Alpha asks Blaine to help her. Alpha Blaine asks her to give her opinion and she agrees, hoping to persuade him to help her see her children.


The story is about Jay-la, who is banished from her pack by Alpha Nathan, her lover, and future Alpha, for attacking his newly found fated mate. Jay-la’s wolf Kora tells her that she struck the future Luna to protect a pup. Jay-la leaves her pack, but not as a rogue since Alpha Nathan is not yet in charge.

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Jay-la continues her law degree and becomes a divorce lawyer, living away from her pack for six years. She receives an official letter to return home, but she refuses, knowing that Alpha Nathan’s Luna would never tolerate her pups. Alpha Nathan tries to capture her, but she defies him and fights to stay in the human world, away from him and his Luna.

Alpha Nathan is confined to the human world, trying to capture Jay-la, but she is well-known to the humans around her and cannot disappear suddenly. The question remains, can Alpha Nathan bring Jay-la back to his pack and his side?

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