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Hello, Today I’m going to share with you the V Guard Pump Catalogue. V-Guard company was first established in 1977. At that time, Mr. Kochusaf Chittilapilli set out to build a strong brand of his own in the Indian electronic market.

With a small construction unit for voltage stabilizers, a vision, and a strong make-do trust, in addition to a capital of INR 100,000, which he borrowed from his father and two workers to assist him, he prepared to fulfill his dream.

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And within a short time, the V-guard developed rapidly and became the largest supplier of voltage stabilizers in South India.

The company soon expanded its range of products to include digital UPS, inverter and inverter batteries, electric water heaters, solar water heaters, domestic pumps, agricultural pumps, industrial motors, domestic switch gears, distribution boards, wiring cables, industrial cables, induction cooktops. , Mixer Grinder, Fan, Gas Stove, Rice Cooker, Modular Switch, and Air Cooler.

V Guard Pump Catalogue PDF Download
V Guard Catalogue

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