List of Islamic Charity Organizations

Following are some of the genuine Islamic charity sites charity an organization that collects money to help people who are poor, sick, orphans etc. or to do work that is useful to society; the money or gifts collected or given to people who are poor, sick etc.

we have provided best Charity sites for donation as Sadaqah or Zakat which they use to help the Muslim Ummah in need and for Dawah purposes.

Charities and Nonprofit Organizations

  • 110 Center
  • A G A Islamic Organization Inc
  • A Grain of Hope Foundation Inc
  • A H A D Inc
  • Abu-Bakr Islamic Center of Washington
  • Abu-Huraira Islamic Center
  • Abubakar Siddique Islamic Center
  • Academy for Learning Islamic Faith Inc
  • Adam Community Center
  • Afghan American Muslim Outreach
  • Agape Fellowship Ministry AFM Ajw
  • Ah Lul Bayt Foundation of America
  • Ahlebayt Islamic Mission
  • Ahlul Bayt Society of Rochester
  • Ahlul Beyt Mosque Inc
  • Ahlul Hadeeth Society
  • Ahlulbait Foundation Inc
  • Ahlulbait Islamic Trust of America
  • Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam Lahore Inc
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama at International Inc
  • AL Ajwah Islamic Dawah Learning Center Inc
  • AL Hilaal Islamic Charitable Foundation
  • AL Iman Jamee Masjid
  • AL Islah Islamic Center Inc
  • AL Itibau Sunnah Association
  • AL Kalem Bih Islamic Community
  • AL Maad AL Islami Inc
  • AL Mahdi Foundation
  • AL Medina Education Center
  • AL Mustafa Foundation
  • AL Mustafa Islamic Center
  • AL Muwahideen Society
  • AL Noor Islamic Center Inc
  • AL Quran Wal Sunnaha Inc
  • AL Sabeel A California Religious CO Rporation
  • AL Taqwa Islamic Center
  • AL-Ameen Muslims Awareness of America
  • AL-Amin Ethiopian Muslim Community Inc
  • AL-Amin Jame Msjid
  • AL-Aqabah Islamic Community Center
  • AL-Azhar Islamic Foundation
  • AL-Badr Islamic Inc
  • AL-Furqaan Foundation
  • AL-Furqan
  • AL-Ghadir Mosque and Islamic Center of Washington
  • AL-Haqqani Foundation
  • AL-Hira Community Center
  • AL-Huda International Educational Center Inc
  • AL-Huda Islamic Association
  • AL-Huda Islamic Center
  • AL-Ihsan Inc
  • AL-Ilm Educational Institute
  • AL-Lhsan Islamic Center Inc
  • AL-Madinah Masjid Ahle-Sunnat Wal JAMAT Inc
  • AL-Madinah Masjid of North Atlanta Inc
  • AL-Madni Inc
  • AL-Madrasa AL-Islamiya
  • AL-Mahdi Benevolent Foundation of Arizona
  • AL-Mahdi Islamic Center
  • AL-Mahdi Islamic Center of Denver A Colorado Non Profit Corporation
  • AL-Mahdi Society of Washington
  • AL-Makarim Islamic Foundation
  • AL-Masjid Foundation IL
  • AL-Mumin Foundation Inc
  • AL-Muneer Foundation Inc
  • AL-Mustafa Foundation Inc
  • AL-Mustaqeem Islamic Community Center
  • AL-Nur Mosque – Islamic Center Inc
  • AL-Quraan Was-Sunnah Society
  • AL-Rassoul Mosque
  • AL-Zahra Islamic Inc of Charlotte
  • Alameda Muslim League
  • Albanian Islamic Cultural Center Inc
  • Albanian-American Islamic Center
  • Albanian-American Social Club Inc
  • Alfaruq Mousque Inc
  • Alferdaws Islamic Center Inc
  • Alhoda Community Center Inc
  • Alhuda Foundation Inc
  • Ali Center
  • Ali Fahru Community Action Programs
  • Alianza Afro-Latina Islamica
  • Alkahaf Community Center Inc
  • Alkhair Islamic Society of Rio Gran De Valley
  • All Muslim Association of America Inc
  • All Muslim Brothers Association
  • Allahs House of Islam
  • Alliance of Moderate Islamic Grassroots Organizations
  • Almaghrib Institute Inc
  • Almahdi Foundation Inc
  • Almarwa Center Inc
  • Alqaem Institute
  • Alquran Foundation
  • Alquran WA Sunnah Islamic Voice Chat Site of Learning
  • Alrahma Islamic Center
  • Alrasool Center Inc
  • Alzahraa Center Inc
  • Ameer Khusro Society of America
  • America Muslim Mission
  • American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin
  • Islamic Online University
  • Bayyinah
  • Darul Arqam Studio
  • iERA
  • Hadith of the Day (HOTD)
  • Merciful Servant
  • The Prophets Path
  • The Daily Reminder Network
  • Guide Us TV (Yusuf Estes)
  • The Quran Project
  • Order Free Quraan
  • ICNA

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  1. Assalamualaikum
    my name is asif khan i am from bengaluru india i need help from you so that i can help the poor here who are very helpless and helpless who do not even get bread for two times
    Many people are suffering from illness, there is no money for medicines for treatment, many people come to me with such work, I help some of them as much as I can,
    I want your help, please help me, so that I can help the oppressed poor 🙏🙏
    Asif Khan

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