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Hello Guys, today I am going to share with you Juma Khutba PDF. You can download it from the given link below this article.

Khutbah is an Arabic word that means to preach. Generally, it is used as Friday Khutbah. Khutbah is done before the Jumu’ah prayer (Friday noon prayer).

It is a key component of Jumu’ah and is considered a replacement for the two rak’ahs that are usually read for Zuhur (noon prayer). The khutbah is mandatory, which means without this prayer, Friday prayer is invalid.

the Qur’an says, regarding the Friday prayer: believers! When the call to prayer is made on Friday, then proceed diligently to the remembrance of Allah and leave off your business.

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Khutba e Juma PDF

That is best for you if only you knew. you should definitely leave all your business. and should do prayers on Friday.

There are two Azhans for the Friday Prayer. The first Azhan is recited in the Jumu’ah (zhuhr) time window and the second Azhan is recited just before the Imam stands up to deliver his khutbah. which is done before the Jumu’ah prayer (Friday noon prayer).

Jumu’ah is a prayer that Muslims hold every Friday, afternoon instead of the Zuhr prayer.

It is said that Friday is specially dedicated to Allah. Give up all your work on this day. And spend all your time in the worship of Allah. If you want to read Khutba e Juma. then you can download its PDF from the link given below, and can also read this.

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