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Lakme Salon is a chain of beauty and grooming salons in India owned by Hindustan Unilever Limited. Lakmé salons include a range of services for men and women such as hair cuts for men, hair colouring, hair styling, makeup, nail care, spa treatments, and a wide range of grooming services. if you are searching Lakme Salon Price List 2023 we have shared the complete rate list below.

This brand is very popular and known for its high-quality services, beauty products, and beauty industry. Their products and services are available in every state of India and Lakmé has more than 400 Lakmé Salons in India.

Lakme Salon Service Price List 2023

Body Services

Glass Shine (40 Min)₹1,450.00

Hair Services

Ayurvedic Oil Head Massage (25 Min)₹1050
Ayurvedic Oil Head Massage-Men (25 Min)₹400
Ayurvedic Spa-Man (60 Min)₹1300
Beard & Moustache Colour LongThick – Men (35 Min)₹800
Beard & Moustache Colour Short to Medium – Men (35 Min)₹600
Beard & Moustache Styling – Men (35 Min)₹250
Beard Spa – Men (35 Min)₹700
Beard Trimming, Shaping & Wash- Men (35 Min)₹250
Beard Trimming, Shaping,Wash & Styling – Men (45 Min)₹500
Beauty sutra Spa – Upto Shoulder (60 Min)₹3140
Beauty sutra Spa- Waist & Below (30 Min)₹3520
Beauty sutra Spa-Upto Mid Back (30 Min)₹3330
Blow Dry-Upto Mid Back (20 Min)₹450
Blow Dry-Waist & Below (30 Min)₹510
Classic Shave – Men (45 Min)₹350
Complimentary De-stress massage (10 Min)₹0.0
Custom Regimen – Fortify (40 Min)₹2280
Custom Regimen – Fortify- Waist & Below (30 Min)₹3040
Custom Regimen – Fortify-Upto Mid Back (30 Min)₹2660
Custom Regimen – Hydrate (40 Min)₹2280
Custom Regimen – Hydrate- Waist & Below (30 Min)₹3040
Custom Regimen – Hydrate-Upto Mid Back (30 Min)₹2660
Custom Regimen – Tame (40 Min)₹2280
Custom Regimen – Tame- Waist & Below (30 Min)₹3040
Custom Regimen – Tame-Upto Mid Back (30 Min)₹2660
Custom Regimen – Vibrancy (40 Min)₹2280
Custom Regimen – Vibrancy- Waist & Below (30 Min)₹3040
Custom Regimen – Vibrancy Upto Mid Back (30 Min)₹2660
Custom Regimen – Volumize (40 Min)₹2280
Custom Regimen – Volumize- Waist & Below (30 Min)₹3040
Custom Regimen – Volumize-Upto Mid Back (30 Min)₹2660
Deep Healing Peptide Magic – Fringe (180 Min)₹2500
Deep Healing Peptide Magic – Upto shoulder (180 Min)₹8500
Deep Healing Peptide Magic – Waist & Below (180 Min)₹13000
Deep Healing Peptide Magic- Men (45 Min)₹4100
Deep Healing Peptide Magic- Upto Mid Back (180 Min)₹10500
De-Tan & De- Tox – Men (40 Min)₹1000
Essential Detox Treatment- Waist & Below (30 Min)₹1700
Essential Detox Treatment-Upto Mid Back (30 Min)₹1520
Essential Nourishing Treatment- Waist & Below (30 Min)₹1730
Essential Nourishing Treatment-Upto Mid Back (30 Min)₹1520
Essential Oily Scalp Treatment (45 Min)₹1330
Essential Oily Scalp Treatment-Men (45 min)₹1,100.00
Essential Rejuvenating Treatment- Waist & Below (30 min)₹1,700.00
Essential Rejuvenating Treatment-Upto Mid Back (30 min)₹1,520.00
Essential Revitalising Treatment- Waist & Below (30 min)₹2,090.00
Essential Revitalising Treatment-Upto Mid Back (30 min)₹1,700.00
Essential Sensitive Scalp Treatment (45 min)₹1,330.00
Essential Sensitive Scalp Treatment-Men (45 min)₹1,100.00
Express Shave – Men (30 min)₹250.00
Free Spirits Colour – Global – Fringe (90 min)₹750.00
Free Spirits Colour – Global – Men (90 min)₹1,900.00
Free Spirits Colour – Global – Up to Mid Back (90 min)₹6,100.00
Free Spirits Colour – Global – Up to Shoulder (90 min)₹4,750.00
Free Spirits Colour – Global – Up to Waist & Below (90 min)₹7,600.00
Free Spirits Colour – Partial – Fringe (90 min)₹550.00
Free Spirits Colour – Partial – Men (90 min)₹1,350.00
Free Spirits Colour – Partial – Up to Mid Back (90 min)₹3,050.00

Hands and Feet

Hands and Feet

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Waxing Services

Lakmé Salons offer different types of waxing services for both men and women which are as follows:

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Full Body Waxing: It involves the removal of unwanted hair from the entire body including arms, legs, back, chest and underarms.

Face waxing: Face waxing involves the removal of hair from the upper lip, chin, cheeks and forehead.

Underarms Waxing: In this service, all the hairs of the underarms are removed.

Bikini Waxing: Bikini waxing involves removing hair from the bikini area. Lakme Salon offers different types of bikini waxing, such as basic bikinis, Brazilian bikinis, and Hollywood bikinis.

If you want to join this company, then the education program is also run by beauty professionals, under which this company imparts skills and knowledge to people to achieve excellence.

How To Book Lakme Salon Appointment

If you want to book the Lakme Salon service, you can book the service by visiting their official website or by calling the customer care number (1800 313 9293). Apart from this, you can book an appointment through their app and can also get other information.

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