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A self-introduction explains who you are, what you do and what others need to know about you. Whenever you meet a new person or business team, you should introduce yourself. Self introduction can be both formal and informative. It depends to whom you are giving your introduction.

Self-introduction is required for the following-

  • When you are starting your interview.
  • When you are attending a seminar.
  • While attending the hiring event
  • Introduction is also required to connect with a new connection.
  • When you are giving a presentation in another company.
  • To interview yourself in School & University.

Your name, occupation, family members, family background, hobbies, goals etc should be included in self-introduction. If you have some such points, so that you can make your impression in front of others. You must include those sentences.

Basic Self Introduction For Kids, Freshers, Interview & Students in English

Hello everyone….. My Name is……., I belong to ……….., I have completed my 10th and 12th from ……… in …….

There are …… members in my family including me. my father, my mother, my sister and my Brother.

My father is a teacher, my mother is a housewife and my brother & Sister are studying.

I like to do creative things like drawing, painting and stitching. I like to spend my time with my family and my friends.

Listening music, watching TV, net surfing and learning & knowing something new are my hobbies.

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My short term goal is to work in a good company where I enhance my knowledge and skill. My long term goal is to get a very respectable position where I make my parents feel proud.

I have some weak points- I am a little bit lazy about which I am not interested. I can’t deny if someone asks for help. My strengths are I am a good learner and very punctual. I am a self-motivated and simple girl/boy with a positive attitude towards my career.

Self-introduction is different for different situations. That’s why you should use the sentence wisely. Below you have been given all kinds of most common situations, according to which you can make your introduction.

Self-introduction Sample For A Job Interview

My name is Virat Kohli. I’m a B-tech Graduate from IIT Delhi. I have been working on different types of mobile applications for a very long time. Many of which I have made applications for the Education Company as well. My qualifications and work experience make me a suitable candidate for the profile. I am looking to join your organisation to explore new dimensions and for the further development of my skills.

For a Presentation

“Good afternoon. My name is Rohit and I’m the VP of Administration and Finance at Northern Investing. I’ve always been passionate about finding smart ways to save money. I believe establishing money management strategies as early as possible is the key to securing your future. I began using these strategies myself as I was working through college, and I now have over $10 million in my retirement fund. That amount is growing every day, and I’m here to teach you how to set up an account like that, too.”

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For Networking

“My name is Nethu, and I’m the marketing director at Wise Technology. We’re developing some innovative marketing campaigns designed to engage new customer’s right in the streets of Bloomington. I’ve been recruiting local businesses that want to get involved in these activities. I love chatting with residents around the area and learning more about what they’relooking for their smart devices.”

Self-introduction For Client Meeting

Hi Hardik, “My name is Shubhman Gill. I’m the application development manager at Reliance Jio. I’ve created dozens of apps to make Jio better. I see myself as a problem-solver in this company. I’m always looking for new types. I accept the challenge. All the applications I have developed so far. The use of almost all of them has increased in the recent few years. And this has also affected the sales of the company. Currently I am working on some new projects. Which can be very beneficial for you. The project will be completed only after listening to all your types. Which will also have a positive effect on the sales of your company.

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