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Hello friends, today I am going to share Short Stories For Kids with all of you. Because we all see that along with being entertained through stories, you also get inspiration from them.

Apart from this, you also get to learn something from all these stories. Especially if we talk about children. So they get to learn a lot from all these short stories. And it improves mortality.

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Short stories teach us a lot and all these stories are based on the life of a person. Water also has to do with real life to some extent. Although it is not completely real.

If we talk about children’s short stories. So all these stories are meant to entertain all the little kids. Along with this, alphabet knowledge is given to them through all these stories.

In today’s article, we have brought some short stories for all of you. You can download it from the link given below. Also, some stories are being given to you below, to read more stories download the PDF by clicking on the link.

We have also given a Moral at the end of these short stories, which tells you what knowledge you get from these stories.

Story No. 1 – Two Friends and The Bear

Once there were two friends who were crossing the jungle. After some time they saw a bear coming toward them. Then, one of the friends quickly climbed the nearby tree and the other one did not know how to climb the tree. So he lays down on the ground holding his breath.

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The bear reaches near him and sniffs him in the ear. After some time the bear left the place, thinking the man is dead. Now the other friend climbs down and asks his friend, what did the bear say to him in his ear? He replied, ” to be safe from the fake friends.”

Moral-: Beware of Fake Friends.

For Reading More Short Stories For kids Click on the Download link given below. all Short stories are free.

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