[PDF] Stepping Beyond Khaki Revelations of a Real Life Singham Book PDF K Annamalai

Download Stepping Beyond Khaki Revelations of a Real-Life Singham Book PDF by K Annamalai

Hi, book lovers in this post i am going to to share with you all newly launch book of Former IPS officer and Indian Politician K Annamalai new book Stepping Beyond Khaki Revelations of a Real-Life Singham book pdf which is published by Bloomsbury India author of this book is K Annamalai you all can download complete book from the given link below.

AuthorK Annamalai
PublisherBloomsbury India
Published Year21 January 2021

Throws light on policing and its inner world , Discusses leadership in policing and its application to our lives, Suggests practical policy measures to improve a few ills ailing our society, Unmasks the political arena and governance in action.

Review and Summery

Mr. Annamalai, Former IPS has provided a penetrating study about Police culture, leadership, police moral and required training in the content of changing perspectives. For the non police personal the book offers great life lessons. How once a shy village boy has evolved as one of the renowned IPS officer and “Singham of Karnataka”. The Youth must look at his decision-making skills.

In this book, reasons for erosion in police morale has also been analyzed in our changing society. However, After competing the book, the reader can understand that how many of our constables are putting themselves on the line for those they don’t know. It’s time that we show our gratitude and it’s earned.

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Throughout the book, he have highlighted/enlightened the ordeal undergoing by Police Constables, which is the lowest rank. And of course, remedies to fix them also.

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