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In today’s time you cannot do any work without the use of computer. Tally( Transactions Allowed in a Linear Line Yards) is also one such cloud based software. Which is used in the field of accounting to know the real time updates of financial management and performance. If you want to download Tally Shortcut Keys List PDF then click on the link given below.

Tally ERP 9 & Tally Prime Shortcut Keys List PDF Download

With the help of Tally Shortcuts, you can make your task even easier. Time is the most important thing in the field of accounting, so if you know all kinds of shortcuts, then you will be able to give tough competition to your opponent.

Benefits of Tally Course

  • Tally is very easy to use, so any person can learn it and make his work even easier. Its important benefits are given below-
  • After learning Tally, you will be able to know the basics of accounting.
  • After this you will be able to understand the business better.
  • Using Tally, you will be able to do real time analysis of accounting, Bookkeeping, Banking Integration, Barcode Integration, Loan & Advances Asset Management, Audit Trail Management Budgeting and Management of Customers.
  • In this you learn different types of words like Capital, Transaction, Discount, Trade Discount, Cash Discount, Liability, Assets.
  • Through this software you can track your expenses and sales.
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How to Learn Tally?

In today’s time, the internet can be used to learn any course. You will find many such YouTube channels which will make you an expert in Tally.

Apart from learning from video contents, you can also learn it by visiting the local computer center. Apart from this, many websites on the Internet give you Tally training for free.

History of Tally

In 1986, Shyam Sundar Goenka and his son Bharat Goenka together formed Tally. Earlier this software was known as Peutronics which had only basic accounting functions. But later after making many changes in it, its name was changed to tally in 1988.

Tally VersionRelease Date
Tally 4.51990
Tally 5.41996 (Educational Purpose & License was added.) 
Tally 6.32001
Tally 7.22005[Value Added Taxation (VAT) was added]
Tally 8.12006(Multilingual Version)
Tally 92006 (Multilingual Version) 
Tally ERP 92009 (Business management solution) 
TallyPrime2020 (Multitasking in one Tally Prime) 

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