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Saturation Pressure-Temperature Data for R-134a

here is a Pressure-Temperature (PT) chart table for R134a in both Imperial and SI units:

Temperature (°F)Temperature (°C)Pressure (psig)Pressure (kPa)
Download PDF of wwwxxxl.com R134a r Fridge Rate Chart

What is R134 gas

We are dealing in R134A refrigerant gas. R134a also known as tetrafluoroethane (CF3CH2F) from the family of HFC refrigerants. With the discovery of the harmful effects of CFCs and HCFC refrigerants to the ozone layer, the HFC family of refrigerants has been widely used as their replacement.

R134 is a refrigerant gas that is used to cool the refrigerators used in homes, due to this gas, the food items and other things kept in the refrigerator get cold. This gas is used in places like fridge and deep freezer etc., due to high pressure, it helps in cooling things down quickly.

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R134 gas is used in equipment like freezer, water cooler, deep freezer etc. Sometimes this gas is also used in large appliances which cool water etc.

R134 is mostly used in all the new equipment available in the market in 2022 as compared to earlier, because its demand is very high compared to other gases and it is easily available at every refrigerant shop.


The gas that was used earlier used to have a risk of fire, but by using this gas, the risk of fire has reduced a lot because this gas is not flammable.

Even if there is such a danger that the gas of the fridge leaks, then you will not be in any danger in this. Because only R134 is used in the air conditioners available in the market. And the same gas is used in all the vehicles running on the roads which have AC installed.

Major Properties of R-134a Refrigerant

  • Boiling point: -14.9°F (-26.1°C)
  • Critical temperature: 252°F (122°C)
  • Auto ignition temperature: 1,418°F (770°C)
  • Ozone depletion level (ODL): 0
  • Global warming potential (GWP): 1,430

What is the difference between R134a and R600a?

R600a and R600aR134a are the newer refrigerants in the market which have replaced the previous R22 and R12. These are the new generation refrigerators which do not harm the atmosphere.

R-134a – Popular and proven, but has potential effect of global warming

R-600a (not 600A, there’s a difference) – Isobutane. Almost same pressure/temperature profile as 134A, fairly efficient, no ODP or GWP, low charge can be used in some cases, but (obviously) highly flammable.



Specific NameR134A
Packaging TypeCylinder
Packaging Size10 Kg, 62 Kg
Price₹ 590/ Kilogram

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