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Download PDF Goldmedal (GM) Switches Price List 2023 (Latest Updates Catalogue)

Are you looking for a good Electric Switches company in the market, so today we have brought you all Goldmedal (GM) Switches Price List 2023 PDF then you must have heard about GoldMedal (GM) Switches Private Limited Company.

Company NameGoldmedal India pvt ltd
Ownerkapil jain

Goldmedal Switches were first established in 1979. It was only after the year of its establishment that the methods of making its electric system brought many changes in the life of the Indian consumer.

Goldmedal GM Switches Company established its first factory in Mumbai and from 2001 onwards the company started manufacturing polycarbonate breakers.

And in which launched its first series of Switch called G Magic. In the year 2018-019, the turnover of this company was Rs.1400 crores.

Goldmedal creation is designed to offer something more than you expect. We leave no stone unturned to overcome existing limitations and deliver solutions beyond the normal

If you wanna download GM Switches latest price list you can get the download link below for free.

  • Curve Modular Inserts
  • Nixon Modular Inserts
  • Modular Cover Plates
  • Air Modular Inserts
  • Air Modular Cover Plates
  • Gifa Cloud 9 Inserts
  • Gifa Modular Cover Plates
  • Curve Plus Products
  • Healthcare Products
  • Gia Mini Modular Series 8
  • Gzifa Mini Modular
  • Essenza
  • Gazelle Wood Plates
  • Urea Range
  • DBs & MCBs

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