Legrand Switches Price List 2022 PDF

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Hello friends, today I am going to share with you through this post Legrand Switches Price List 2022 PDF Legrand is a French industrial company. And in 2011 the Legrand firm was the largest global producer of switches and sockets, it produced 20% of the global market and only managed 15% of the global market and 75% of its business internationally.

Yes, legrand is a little costly, but it will never disappoint you. With 10 Years warranty on switches and sockets it has become the most trusted brand, not only in India, but globally.

TypeSociété Anonyme
IndustryElectrical equipment
FounderFrédéric Legrand
HeadquartersLimoges, France
Number of employees39,000 (2019)

Legrand Company has global knowledge in digital building infrastructure and electrical. This company is a very reliable company in the production of wiring and switches. Their products are modern technology as well as long lasting, they will never disappoint you as well as this company provides 10 years warranty on Legrand Switches and Sockets. This company has become the most trusted company not only in India but in the world.

Switches Price Catalogue

  • Legrand Mylinc Switches – ₹ 35/ Box
  • Legrand Switchgears – ₹ 450/ Piece
  • Legrand 32A 1-Way Modular Switch – ₹ 110/ Piece
  • Legrand White Switches – ₹ 150/ Piece
  • Legrand Door Bell Switch ₹ 90/ Piece
  • Legrand 6A Modular Switch ₹ 135/ Piece
  • Legrand Electrical Switch ₹ 110/ Piece
  • Legrand Modular Switches ₹ 30/ Piece
  • 16 A Plastic Legrand Modular Switches, Model Name/Number: Mylinc, 220V ₹ 210/ Unit
  • Legrand 16A 3M 1-Way Modular Switch ₹ 75/ Piece

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