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In Sikhism, you have many types of Path (Prayers), which are spoken from time to time and these Prayers are related to some Sikh Gurus. By doing these Prayers, You become stunning and the grace of all Sikh Gurus remains on you. So today we are going to tell you one of those Prayers (Path). Kirtan Sohila Path is considered to be one of those, on which the blessings of all Sikh Gurus always remain on you.

Kirtan Sohila is very famous in Sikhism, this prayer is Spoken at night. Kirtan Sohila means “Song of praise”.

It is composed of five hymns—

  • First 3 Hymns have been created by Guru Nanak Dev Ji
  • The fourth hymn is composed by Guru Ramdas ji.
  • And the fifth hymn has been composed by Guru Arjun Dev Ji.
  • In Sikhism this hymn is recited in the Gurdwara in the evening after the ceremony is over.
  • Also it is said that you can recite this before sleeping at night.

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