Are you looking for the latest General Knowledge Book? If yes, then today I have brought with you the latest edition of Lucent GK 2024 pdf in English and Hindi book for free which is available in Hindi and English language.

Go to the bottom of the article to download the book.

As you all know lucent is very popular at the current time which everyone reads at the beginning of preparation for any competitive exam. Because this will cover all the important topics that everyone should know.

If your general knowledge is very weak then you should start with this book as it will make your basic gk strong.

This Hindi GK book is only for those students who want to prepare for UPSC SSC CGL/CHSL/GD, State Govt Exams, SBI, and other Bank Exams like PO, Clerical.

Book Details

PublisherLucent Publication
LanguageHindi + English
SourcePDF Drive

Why So Popular?

lucent gk latest edition of this book contains very important topics which may be any other does. There are many reasons why it is so popular, when you join any coaching institute, many teachers recommend you to read this GK book because they also know that it will give you all your basic knowledge.

Content List

this will cover all the valuable topics which are given below is the latest edition of a lucent publication which will publish soon.

  • Geography of India
  • Science and technology
  • Physics
  • Diverse
  • Medieval India
  • computer
  • Chemistry
  • Geography
  • Ancient India
  • Modern India
  • History
  • Zoology
  • Indian economy
  • World History
  • Indian Constitution
  • Games & Sports

One of the great things about, it is available in both objective and subjective versions. If you have less time for revision then you can buy the Lucent General Knowledge objective version of this book and if you have more time for revision then you can buy its subjective version.

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Because it is for the students who are preparing for any competitive exams, if you are serious about studying then you should not download it in PDF form and get its hard copy at home so that you can understand this book better and if you want to download it for free then download the book. The link is given below.

Indian History

Ancient India :

  1. Harappan/Indus Civilization
  2. Vedic Culture
  3. Mahajanapada Period
  4. Religious Movements
  5. Maurya Period
  6. Viaura/Pro-Cupta Period
  7. The Sangam Period
  8. Gupta Period
  9. Post-Gupta Period/ Vandhana Dynasty.
  10. Early Medieval Period
  11. North India (Ra)puta Period)
  12. South India (Cholas & Others)
  13. Sultanate Period
  14. Delhi Sultanate
  15. Vijayanagar & Other Kingdoms
  16. Religious Movements
  17. Bhakti Movement
  18. Sufi Movement
  19. Mughal Period
  20. Maratha State & Maratha Confederacy
  21. The Advent of the Europeans

Modern India

  1. Expansion of British Power (In the context of Bengal, Mysore, Punjab, etc.)
  2. Economic Impact of British Rule
  3. Socio-Religious Movements in 19th-20th Centuries
  4. Freedom Struggle
  5. The Revolt of 1857
  6. Moderate Phase
  7. Extremist Phase
  8. The Gandhian Era
  9. MISCELLANEOUS: Important Dates, Places, Foreign Travellers/Envoys. Abbreviated or Alternative Names, Sayings, Battles Reforms/ Acts, Committees/Commissions, Congress Session, and Governor -Generals & Viceroy’s

World History

  1. ANCIENT WORLD: Mesopotamian Civilization, Egyptian Civilization Harappa Civilization Chinese Civilization Iranian Civilization, Greek Civilization Roman Civilization, Seven Wonders of Ancient World.
  2. MEDIEVAL WORLD = Medieval Europe (Feudalism, Crusades), Arab Civilization Medieval China, Medieval Japan, Seven Wonders of Medieval World.
  3. MODERN WORLD: Renaissance, Reformation, Geographical Discoveries, Glorious Revolution, Industrial Revolution, American Revolution, French Revolution, Unification of Italy, Unification of Germany, Furst World War, Russian Revolution, Chinese Revolution, Turkish Revolution World Depression of 1929-34, Fascism in Italy, Nazism in Germany, Militarism in Japan, Second World War.
  4. MISCELLANEOUS: Important Dates, Association of places, Abbreviated or Alternative Names, Important Battles.
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The Solar System, Continents and Oceans, Biosphere, Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, Atmosphere, Latitudes and Longitudes, Different heat zones of the earth, Longitudes and time zones, International Date Line, Motion of the earth, Effect of the tilted axis on day and night, the Atmosphere (composition and layer of the Atmosphere), Weather and Climate, Atmospheric Pressure, Internal Structure of the earth, Rocks, Earthquakes and Volcanoes, Various Landforms (Mountains, Plateaus, Plains, Grasslands, Landforms created by the river system, Landforms created by glacier, Landforms created by the action of wind, Landforms created by the actions of Groundwater), The Indian Subcontinent; Position, extent and physical features, Climatic diversity in the Indian Sub-continent, Soil resources of the Indian sub-continent, Agriculture in India, Land use pattern of India, Water resources and their utilization in India, Multipurpose river valley projects, Transport in India.

How to read Lucent’s?

Now let’s talk about how you have to read this book because first, we should know the structure of this book, what are the things in it which are important for the exam, first of all, check its content that what things you need Have to focus on.

By the way, Lucent is suggested by every teacher if you are preparing for the government exam because most of the questions that are asked are related to this. You can read GK’s book in two ways, either you read it objectively or it is subjective. I would suggest that you first read the subjective part of this book. After you have read the whole book, read the objective part to test yourself.

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