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Hello friends, today I am going to provide MS Excel Shortcut Keys PDF to all of you which you can download from the link given below.

Well, friends, all of you must have worked on MS EXCEL because it is the best software through which you can prepare any data seat, although you have to write some big formulas in this software as well. All the tasks have to be done, there are some shortcut keys available to shorten the tasks, through which you can reduce the task of any formula.

Shortcut Keys Examples

For example, if you want to increase a column in Excel, then you have to work a lot with your Mouse Cursor, only after that you can add a new column, but if you know the shortcut key, then you can do that work in just 5 seconds.

For example, if you want to carry out whatever you wrote in the previous line in the same way in the next line, then you have to press Ctrl + Y so that your task will be completed.

If you want to work on another worksheet, then for that you have to click on New Project with the mouse, only after that, you can work on it, but if you know the MS Excel shortcut key then you have to click on Shift + F11 so that you will immediately go to the new worksheet. 

MS Excel gives you many shortcut keys this way, by using which you can make any work of your MS Excel easy and you will also save a lot of time. Because now, because of shortcut keys, what you used to do in 30 to 35 seconds, now it will be done in just 5 to 10 seconds, so now you will be able to do more work and time will also be less.

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Microsoft Excel All Keyboard Shortcuts Key

Formatting Shortcuts

CTRL+1: Format Box
ALT+E+S+T: Copy Format
ALT+H+0: Increase Decimal
ALT+H+9: Decrease Decimal
CTRL+SHIFT + 7: Boxing
ALT+O+C+A: Fit Column Width
ALT+H+O+R: Change Tab Name
ALT + W + F: (Un)Split Panes
ALT+W+S: (Un)freeze windows
SHIFT+CTRL + #: Date Format
SHIFT+CTRL + $: $ Dollar Format
SHIFT+CTRL + %: % Percentage Format
ALT+ “=”: Sum Function

CTRL Shortcuts

CTRL + A: Select All
CTRL + B: Bold
CTRL + C: Copy
CTRL + D: Fill Down
CTRL + F: Find
CTRL + I: Italic
CTRL + N: New Workbook
CTRL + O: Open
CTRL + P: Print
CTRL + R: Fill Right
CTRL + S: Save Workbook
CTRL + U: Underline
CTRL + V: Paste
CTRL + W: Close Window
CTRL + X: Cut
CTRL + Z: Undo

Function Key Shortcuts

F2: Edit Cells
F4: Anchor Cells
F7: Spell Check
F12: Save As
SHIFT + F2: Insert a Comment
SHIFT + F8: Add to Selection
SHIFT + F10: Right Click
CTRL + F3: Name a Cell
Windows Flag + D: Minimize Programs

Navigation Shortcuts

Arrows: Move
CTRL + Arrows: Go to End of Continuous Range
SHIFT + Arrows: Select A Cell Range
CTRL + SHIFT + Arrows: Highlight A Continuous Range
ALT + Tab: Switch Programs
CTRL + Pg Up/Down: Switch Worksheets
Enter: Move below
Shift + Enter: Move Up
Home: Move to Begin of Line
CTRL + Home: Go to Cell A1
ESC: Cancel
Alt + Enter (when in a cell): Add a Line

Columns & Rows Shortcuts

CTRL + 9: Hide Row
SHIFT + CTRL + 9: Unhide Row
CTRL + 0: Hide Column
SHIFT + CTRL + 0: Unhide Column
SHIFT + Spacebar: Highlight Row
CTRL + Spacebar: Highlight Column
SHIFT + CTRL + Plus sign: Insert Blank Cells
CTRL + Minus Sign: Delete Selected Cells
SHIFT + ALT + Left Arrow: Group Rows/Columns
SHIFT + ALT + Right Arrow: Ungroup Rows/Columns

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To download complete PDF List of MS Excel Shortcut Keys, click on the link given below.

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