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Delhi Mumbai Expressway is the longest expressway project in India, with a total length of 1350 km, this 8-lane expressway connects India’s capital New Delhi and India’s financial capital Mumbai.

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Which can be expanded up to 12 Lane. 98000 crore is going to be spent on this Expressway project.

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This Expressway is going to be the longest Expressway in India. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari ji laid the foundation of this project on 8 March 2019.

RouteIndia’s Capital Delhi to Financial Capital Mumbai
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Delhi Mumbai Expressway is going to pass through 6 states of India, which include Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Maharashtra state.

StateLength of Expressway (KM)
Madhya Pradesh244

The Delhi-Mumbai Expressway will have 3 animals and 5 overpasses with a combined length of 7 km dedicated to unencumbered wildlife movement.

This is going to be the first in Asia and only the second in the world to feature animal overpasses to facilitate the unrestricted movement of wildlife.

The expressway will also include two iconic 8-lane tunnels. one tunnel through Mukundra Wildlife National Park without disturbing the endangered fauna in the region for 4 km and the second 4 km 8 lane- tunnel will pass through the Matheran eco-sensitive zone.

That’s the reason this expressway will be very special and important in India. With the help of this Delhi-Mumbai Expressway without harming any animals, India will be growing fast.

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The two sections of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, the Delhi Dausa – Lalsot section, which is part of the Delhi-Jaipur Expressway and the Vadodara-Ankleshwar Section which connects Vadodara to the economic hub of Bharuch are likely to be opened for traffic by March 2022.


The entire 1,350 km long Delhi–Mumbai Expressway has been divided into 4 sections with a total of 52 construction packages/tenders, where the length of each package is between 8 km to 46 km.

SectionLength in kmNo. of packagesState-wise packages
DND–Faridabad–KMP59031 in Delhi and 2 in Haryana
Sohna–KMP–Vadodara844313 in Haryana, 13 in Rajasthan, 9 in Madhya Pradesh and 6 in Gujarat
Vadodara–Virar3541310 in Gujarat and 3 in Maharashtra
Virar–JNPT92055 in Maharashtra
Total1,3505206 States

The complete expressway is planned to be completed by March 2023. The main Hurdle in this project is going to be Land Acquisition.

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  1. Out of 8 lane , one up and one down lane should be dedicated super fast trains.
    this will add to passengers and goods movement fast ,less fuel cost. Some trains should be non stop. It should be name as N S (non stop)Trains.
    I congratulate team MODI who looks only for development of this country.

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