Indian Polity by M Laxmikant 6th Edition (Summary) PDF

Today we have brought for you Indian Polity by M Laxmikant 6th Edition summary pdf presented by McGraw which is considered a very important book for UPSC Civil Services Exam. This book is also called the Bible of UPSC because this book is compulsorily read by the candidates preparing for Civil Services Exam as well as other State Services.

“The purpose is to produce a book that every undergraduate student could depend on for every Public Service Examination along with the students of law.”

This book is considered important because it presents a detailed explanation of all the topics related to politics and it fulfills all the needs of the general readers. It is continuously revised by the author due to which all the important updates are present in the book and the importance of this book increases a lot for the students interested in politics.

Because this book is too bulky, many students find it difficult to read the book and after reading it, they do not even pay attention to the revision, due to which the students are unable to remember what they have read.

Polity by M Laxmikant

so today through this post we are going to Presenting Laxmikant’s polity short summary pdf. because of this, there will be no pressure on the student to read the whole book and he can read and understand only important topics. Due to this, your chances of getting good marks in the exam will also increase.

  • Constitution of India: Historical Overview
  • What is the constitution?
  • Constitution of India: Outstanding feature
  • The preamble of the Constitution
  • Union and its territory
  • Union Territory
  • Citizenship
  • Fundamental rights
  • Directive principle of state policy
  • Fundamental duties
  • President of India
  • Vice president of India
  • Prime minister of the union council of ministers 
  • Attorney general of India
  • Parliament of India
  • Supreme court of India
  • The parliament and public finance
  • Comptroller and auditor general of India
  • Judicial reforms
  • The governor
  • The chief minister
  • State legislators Vidhan Parishad and Vidhan sabha
  • The high court
  • Union state relations 
  • Electoral system
  • Local self-government
  • Municipality
  • Schedule 
  • UPSC 
  • Emergency provision
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I sincerely wish that students will gain from this book primarily to become good citizens in a knowledge society. Additionally, evolve into great civil servants, public functionaries, and lawyers.

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