Indian Constitution and Indian Polity | Civil Services and Preliminary Main Examination

  • Book Name : Indian Constitution and Indian Polity PDF
  • Publisher : Pearson Education
  • Edition : Second edition (20 May 2020); Pearson Education
  • Language : English
  • Paperback : 595 pages
  • Country of Origin : India


Download Book PDF of Indian Constitution and Indian Polity by S G Subramanian free

The book presents the entire Indian Constitution and polity in a vivid manner. The ” Do you know” Part, the “connect ” Part along with the previous year prelims and mains question paper helps to comprehend the entire subject on UPSC perspective in a short time.


Chapter 1 Constitution: an overview
Chapter 2 Indian Constitution: salient features and basic principles
Chapter 3 Preamble and the philosophy of the Constitution
Chapter 4 territory of the Union
Chapter 5 citizenship
Chapter 6 fundamental Rights: conceptual framework
Chapter 7 fundamental Rights: right to equality
Chapter 8 fundamental Rights: right to freedoms
Chapter 9 rights: religion, culture, constitutional remedies and Exemption and suspension
Chapter 10 Directive principles of State policy and fundamental duties
Chapter 11 Union executive: President and vice President
Chapter 12 Union executive: Council of ministers and the prime Minister
Chapter 14 Legislature: Union Parliament
Chapter 15 state Legislature
Chapter 16 Amendment of the Constitution
Chapter 17: judiciary
Chapter 18 Union territories
Chapter 19 local-self government
Chapter 20 union–state relations
Chapter 21 public services and public Service Commissions
Chapter 22 elections
Chapter 23 emergency
Chapter 24 Jammu and Kashmir
Chapter 25 constitutional offices and important terminologies.