Vajiram and Ravi Medieval India History Notes PDF

Download Free Upsc Civil services General Studies Vajiram and Ravi Medieval India History Notes PDF For Prelims & Upsc Mains GS Paper-1 (Updated Book)

Medieval India is an important part of General Studies Paper 1, which implicitly covers Medieval Indian History. It is often seen in UPSC that two-three questions are definitely asked from this section, so you do not have to ignore this topic. If you are preparing for the Preliminary Examination, then the easiest way to cover Medieval Indian History is to read the NCERT History books deeply. Medieval India is NOT so much important for Prelims and as well as for Mains compared to Ancient and Modern India but it can’t be ignored – as we can’t predict UPSC.


  1. Pratik Nayak crash course (Youtube)
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Chapter Included

  1. Contribution of Pallavas and Chalukyas
  2. Era of New Kingdoms
  3. Early Medieval India
  4. Women Rulers of Medieval India
  5. Indian Feudalism
  6. The Spread of Indian Culture in Other Asian Countries
  7. Delhi Sultanate
  8. Bhakti and Sufi Movements
  9. Vijayanagar and Bahmani Empire
  10. Sher Shah Suri and His Achievements
  11. Mughal Empire
  12. Shivaji and Maratha Nationalism
  13. Science and Technology in Medieval India

How To Prepare for Medieval India

Many students find it difficult to memorize the details of this subject, but you can solve this problem by making the story interesting. Prepare a short note to revise and also use tables and charts that will help you make quick revisions before the exam.

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In IAS prelims, questions from medieval section are both analytical and factual. Therefore, you must read important topics such as important kings that ruled the country, their policies and administrative system, and other important points related to the empires of Medieval India. many times questions are also asked about religious movements from medieval India, so you should solve all these questions by systematic study and repeating them again and again.

Medieval India History Notes by Vajiram and Ravi will help you in UPSC Prelims as well as Mains Exam. The book focuses only on the important aspects and also these notes are very helpful for the preparation of various state service exams. The language of the book is simple and student friendly. And the chapters are arranged in depth chronological and story-like for interesting reading and easy retention.

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